Lies, Sin and deflated balloons

IMG_0012So it happens In the grocery store and restaurants and parties ,

Ballons yes ballons, are children are rewarded and even when throwing a tantrum ballons are offered to help,

And it happens one floats away or pops and 1 child Is left sad crying upset and all that jazz that comes along with that scenario

That’s when they turn on each other greed over takes that child

And the only think about the one thing they cannot have , by the time that happens the love and joy for one another is forgotten disregarded for self love

This is what sin does it lies, it promises to be shiny and colorful and inflated with excitement forever,

It promises to be to worth it . Sin tells us that God wants to keep the good stuff from us, that what we want matters more than what He has for us (Gen 3:4-5)

In Eden God told Adam ” you are free to eat from any tree of the garden , but you must not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil,for on that day you eat it , you will certainly die” Gen2:16-17

Man had supercermy over all the earth, but this one law caused Adam to doubt God’s motives

Adam and Eve sinned the first sin Gen 3:6-7 and for the first time in hirstory of the world we felt it.

The lie of sin — that this will make us like God, and we can live apart from Him– failed to deliver . And so the original glory of man and eden was lost Gen 3:8-21 God’s tender warning that you will certainly die was true for them , and it is true for us.

We are all guilty because of adams sin , and easchone of us is guilty of our on sin , daily,hourly even moment to moment .

Just as we scramble to act , think or fail to act in this matter the shimmer tarnishes , the balloon deflates, and hat we thought we needed — the thing that caused us to act outside of Gods’s law– is discarded by sunrise the next morning. Sin wasn’t worth it. It never is.

Some scriptures to read gen 3:1-24. Romans 3:23. Romans 6:23. Romans 5:17.

Stay blessed live loved xoxo Shantel.

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