Wife style , braided and frayed

Her spousal connection carries Gods grace – marking it easier to work through the hardest circumstances . What’s your wife style frayed or braided ? We are all a mix of both wife style habits . Our goal is to provide tangible markers to help us identify and improve current habits and perspectives .as a braided wife we invite Jesus into our marriage as a 3 strand cord won’t easily break as a frayed wife we are worn out difficult to invite Jesus in through circumstances the frayed wife is strong but finds minimal results as the braided wife chooses interwoven presents of Jesus through circumstances . Either way with a mix up both wife habits Jesus has plans for our husbands and an anointing to place on our lives as a wife We must strive to involve Jesus in our lives invite him in he’s always their standing in the hallway at the door waiting saying are you going to let me in it’s a working progress do I fall yes daily but it won’t keep me won’t keep me down because Jesus the third strand is always their supporting through the storms battles and the frayed times.

God bless xoxo

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