Compassion, pain and redemption 

So I’ve read this verse a few times grabbed a couple bibles out I was stumped… the verse today John 19:25-26I said lord what are you trying to tell he here 

As I got a commentary out 

I got it in my spirit 

Even in Jesus’ suffering he still felt Mary’s his mothers pain

He has compassion on her for loosing her son 

As Jesus and John had a special bond he was their by Mary and when he spoke 

It was to assure Mary she would be taken care of John would be a son figure to her 
We got me most was Jesus is always their with us feeling our joy our pains he cares and has compassion through it all 

Look what kind of pain and suffering he was enduring yet he was still their for Mary while hanging on the cross 
Our redemption story being fulfilled as Jesus was obedient in taking all the sin of the world 

Oh my gosh can u imagine that !

Still loving full of compassion mercy and grace ❤️

Remember no matter what we face and when we face it , Jesus is their through our experience with love to help us through it all 

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