The women who was healed 

Have you ever wondered why , where are you Lord? Or fill like your in a constant battle never fully healed or clean? 

Well this amazing story of faith comes to mind , we learn a little snippet of this women and her story and faith and bravery 

In Matthew 9:20-22 here her story unravels , 12 years have passed suffering with chronic illness hermorrhanging , visiting physicans only leavin with more pain and tears not only deleting funds  while leading her worst then she began , Then she heard about Jesus ! Her approach to Jesus was different then others most , She came from behind and touched the edge of His putter garment , hoping no one including Jesus would notice . We are not told wheather she felt unworthy to talk to him , or fearful Because of her uncleaness , or concerned that their would be no chance an audience with Him in such a crowd . 

We are told that she had enough faith in Jesus Christ to believe that just by touching His clothes would prove life changing , and yes she was right . 

Thought this passage makes clear that her body was healed at the time she reached out and touched him , that was not enough for Jesus , He wanted to give her more , Jesus came to a abrupt halt and demanded “who touched me ” ? The disciples we’re like what is he talking about?! They saw many but He saw the one, power had gone out of him , but His power had not been depleted. The healing has not been completed she was more that just a ill women a bleeding body , she was a needy women. 

When this women contacted God , He knew and she knew , though no other was aware . Jesus would not move until she approached him.

She came forward treblming with fear, fell down at His feet and told the truth , He gave her a response , He called her daughter (an intimate and enduring term) , assured her body was healed (by her faith not his clothes) He sent her free from all anxiety (go in peace ) and healed her soul.

Needy? Yes she was needy for an encounter with Jesus. She is the only person Jesus addressed as daughter. Wow!!! 

Jesus stopes for everyone , not only the hugh matters even the least ones they all count and matter to Him a hugh deal , just think he created us , He knows us we’re all uniquely fashioned , created , made and instilled with gifts for his glory and purpose .

Can you imagin what a faith she had?! Wow just touching His clothes not even a hugh piece just the edge of His garment .

In the messy hard situations of life we are called to let our request be know , come boldly and approach our King our father God Jesus Christ and by our faith situations change we have an encounter with Jesus and are changed forever .

We are his daughters through it all , let’s not run from the storms , but embrace them fall at Jesus’ feet,  have great faith reach out and be changed .

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