Be the light in the darkness 

Good morning , John 1:9 the true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world ..Today I believe this is what Jesus was speaking to me as I was suppose to be in 1john 1:9 I was in John 1:9 and soaped – it got me thinking as believers of Jesus his followers we are to be the light to the world bringing Jesus through your actions and our words , sharing the gospel to the world show his kindness love his mercy his bring the Light to the darkness . Are we being the light? Are your lighting the darkness or keeping the light off? As John prepared the way for Christ we are also to prepare the way for the king of the world Jesus Christ he is coming back let’s keep our lights shining bright and buring for Jesus . #letyourlightsoshine #jesus #proverbs31 #shereadstruth #sheslaughing #sheslaughs #projectlife #thegoodnews #nikonphotography #throughtmylens #bethesalt #john1:9 #prepairtheway #christianblogger 

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