Our sanctuary ,Our safe place

Psalms 9:9-10 message God’s a safe-house for the battered , a sanctuary during bad times .The moment you arrive , you relax ; you’re never sorry you knocked . Gods arms are always open inviting us in no matter where we’ve been , His grace covers our shame we have nothing to hide when it comes to Jesus , He gives us beauty for our ashes he’s always their a safe place to be real and find rest . Like a child laying on a mother or fathers lap their they find safty, love comfort during a hard time and in exchange they receive the beauty the love the power to go on and be redeemed through a parents love. That’s Jesus our Heavenly Father he wipes away our every tears and leads us through the dark times He is our light that leads to our safe place He leads us inviting us to Him . #sheslaughing #womenempowerment #womenlivngwell #projectlife #christianblogger #simplyshantel #jesus #safehouse #psalms #lampandlight #cultivatemommy #thankyoujesus #jesuscoffeeandgrace #worship #greatfulheart #invitinglight #shereadstruth #jesuscalling #grace #mercy #Podbean #soldoutforjesus 

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