Holy Living? Is Jesus proud of our living habits 

Okay guys today was like whoa this passage in the message version  

Titus 2:11-14 

But verse 14 was slaying me ! 

He offered himself as a sacrifice to free us from a dark rebellious life into this good , pure life , making us a people he can be proud of , energetic in goodness . 

was like fresh water to my soul this morning , Pure Love , others before himself , redeemed , offering his goodness as believes the good the purelife!! 

So it got me asking myself ” AM I MAKING HIM PROUD?” Am I living a holi Life? Am I sold out? 

and I’ll ask you all the same 

Are living holie ? Are you makeing Jesus proud they you you live in actions ? Are you completely sold or 

As the word says we can’t be lukewarm 

Either be hot or cold or he’ll spit us out

We can’t live one foot in the world and the other in God 

We must choose we must completely surrender to one or the other 

We can’t be sold out for Jesus and still pleasing our flesh , yeah we sin we mess up God is always their to redeem us forgive us set up apart over n over 

But going back to the same thing over n over that’s when the obedience needs to comes and the overcoming temptation and truly being sold out for Jesus , the holi loving is in our actions not just in our words 

Jesus love us all our messes he makes beautiful 

We have to let go of the ungodly living and let God lead us in holi living 

And embrace his loving arms his grace upon grace , We are his good people .

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