By no accident 

It was by no accident that God created man and woman uniquely  and distinctly to bear His image and reflect His wonderful glory . It is also by no accident that God has created you and given you life , breath , passions , and has placed you exectly where you are today . You are not an accident . You have been created by God , on purpose , and with one mission : to reflect His image and declare His glory this was God’s original design. 

What God given roles are you responsible for in your own life ? Think practical here . Are you a wife ? A mom ? A caregiver? A student ? A boss ? What roles do you have at your job? The roles God has given you , me in our lives are opportunities to reflect Him to others and to be faithful to His mandate to be fruitful and multiply for His glory. 

In the beginning God created it all , God sealed His creation of man when He described what He had made with two words very good  verse 31.

Genesis 1:31 God saw all that he had made , and it was very good indeed . Evening came and then the morning : the sixth day .

We have worth , block out the enemy and his words of broken , worthless, unwanted , unqualified whispers he feeds us . Jesus redefined our identities . Lets listen to our true worth what Jesus calls us and made us into . DELIVERED , CHOSEN, LOVED, REDEEMED,FORGIVEN.PURPOSEFUL.

No not shackles no more shame, no more wearing a scarlet letter . We are going to walk in Jesus’ footsteps that have gone before us in victory . We will trade our past for His Present beauty and live the redefined life that Jesus came to offer us for His holy glory and for our good .

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