Glimpse of Grace in our mornings 

Good morning  friends , what does your mornings look like? Is their time spent with Jesus ? Do we rush off like crazy ladies ? Are we waiting for the perfect atmosphere to spend time with Jesus? … what’s your morning story most days?! 

We need a wake-up call to see how abiding in Jesus cannot be restricted to an easy chair with a cup of hot coffee in a quiet house without any noise or clutter or life.  

The perfect setting , we keep waiting for will surly never appear .

We need to have our mind renewed according to the gospel. We often feel overwhelmed with the busy-ness of what is happening within the four walls of our home. But come circus or solitude, it makes no difference in the sufficiency of Christ to abide in you. Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly today, and ask the Lord to keep your eyes of your heart open.

Remember to give ourselves grace when the mornings get crazy , but not to wait for the perfect time to spend with Jesus , we must dive right in and find Him , He grace , His love ,His mercy He gives to us every day every minute of our lives  


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