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Your Home Matters Because Creativity Matters
And He has filled them with skill to do every sort of work done…by any sort of workman or skilled designer. – Exodus 35:35

It’s great fun to cooperate with God in creating.
George Washington Carver invented many things from the peanut. He talked to God constantly in his laboratory. “Lord God, you made the peanut. You know every molecule. You know all that can be done with this little nut. Give me your ideas and help me make many uses from it.”
Imagination is the well-spring of creativity. It is a gift given to every person as part of our “made in God’s image” genetics. But we need to foster this trait in our families.

Here are 5 ways to nurture creativity in your home:

Model creativity. It’s not just for your kids, so experiment with new foods, take a pottery class, plant a garden. It will be easier for you to encourage your kids if you are experiencing the joy of creativity. Ask God to give you new ideas because every thought comes from Him!

Be okay with the mess that creativity makes. The constant disaster in my house was worth it. My kids wrote books, made gifts, cooked, baked, built forts, acted as ballerinas, thespians, and superheroes charging a quarter for admission to pretend performances. I had to coach myself that there was something more important than tidy. There are decades ahead for you to live without sticky or play-doh encrusted floors. Give thanks for this season of your life.

Remember that imagination is a God-given gift. Your encouragement is crucial for creativity to grow in your children, rather than become dulled. Give thanks for their gift to keep perspective.

Make your home inspiring. Hang posters of God’s creation, play music, and have supplies on hand for experiments. God put His first children in an inspiring, wonder-filled environment, so we can follow His model. The more you can expose your children to lofty sights and sounds, the more their creativity will flourish.

Limit media. It is a creativity killer. Kids need to experience God is His world—climb trees, make forts, dig in the mud, and collect bugs and flowers in jars.

May you have an imaginative, creative family so that our artistic Creator is put on display in your home.

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