Friends , seasons , your tribe

Okay so lately more than ever I’ve. Been thinking , friendships . Well all have those ones we grown up with , came and gone through the years , and the new ones that arrive in new seasons maybe will stay or just pass through .

I’m sure we’ve all seen that saying

Find your tribe and love them hard.

Well as a girl then adult then a woman of 34 I️ ind myself still looking for This saying in real life . I’ve had many friendship through out the years and yes some are still around but have dimmed out, cause to certain circumstances that happend. So I’m left thinking were they ready T R U E friends in the first place ? Or well on my end more to me than they were to them .

This is something I️ obsess over for years , I️ just can’t seem to figure it out . Maybe it’s me or just maybe I️ give 110% before they even figure it out if they wanna be in tribes ?!

You know time isn’t promised , tomorrow isn’t promised and all the more makes me think who’s important in life , who would I️ go to for for safe place that friend that one friend I️ can always count on no matter what through thick n thin and you know what … their isn’t one .

That’s where I️ always go back to why? I️ pray daily for lasting friendships not just the passing seasons friendships but true meaning loving supporting friendships My tribe .

People change yes , seasons Change yes I’m sure I️ have changed as well but one thing I’m Always their when needed , and I’ll go over and beyond for someone always ready to share life together , so my question is why isn’t their that someone in my life that would do the same ?.

It makes me think Jesus ! Yes Jesus , this is how he feels when we don’t give him everything we got , when we run to him in seasons then stay away till circumstance lead us back to him he is always Their our safe place 24/7 our tribe for life yet we come and go as we please . I️ know the pain and sadness I️ feel when This subject comes up , much less Jesus He died for as all

he craves relationship with us all , just as I️ do for friendships that last that has meaning that couldn’t do life without you .

We all need to look to Jesus hold on to him tightly don’t walk away form him show him loyalty as he shows us and how we want others to show is and be to us , loyalty and Loving and to stay and do like together not come n go or pass through but Love him hard n matter what thick n thin till the end .

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