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This morning as I began to dive into Romans study and cane across this teaching in my bible HSBC life application study bible I wanted to share some meaning and importance of these words in a His word

We as humans , believers , people cannot earn salvation or remove or sins Only Christ can save us and forgive us of our sins. In order to walk into a new meaningful relationship with Jesus , we must believe that Jesus died for us and that he forgives all our sins. We can grow in our relationship with Christ by trusting the Holy Spirit and following him to help us we can overcome sin and temptation . We must respond to his mercy and accept his gracious offer of forgiveness because he is so sovereign we need to let Him region in our hearts. None of us can be Christlike by ourselves , it takes the entire body of Christ to fully express Christ by activity and always building up other believers, Christians can be a symphony of service to God .

I hope this encourages you all and me to to keep running the race for Jesus , not giving up when we fall but getting up again and and starting again. Jesus is always here for us waiting for us even when we mess up He’s ready to wash us forgive and start a new wonderful relationship with Him.

Have a blessed day Friends , Shantel xo

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