undeserving, to deserving

Hi friends ,

Okay can I just be real a bit and ask y’all a question ?!

First let me start with a qoute a life changing, true and shakes me to the core , let it sink in

Even in our weak sinful nature , Christ died for us!

Wow can we just really let this sink deep in our souls , I know it’s hard we all fall short and yes take for granted al Gods grace and love he offers us even when we are nasty to him and to ourselves .

Let’s think back , what was our lives like before Christ ? How has it changed you , me everyone .

Romans 5:6 For while we were still helpless , at the appointed moment Christ died for the ungodly.

We were weak, helpless even , because we could do nothing on our own to save ourselves . Someone had to come and recuse us . Christ cane at exactly the right time according to God’s own schedule . God controls all history and he controlled the timing , methods, and events surrounding Jesus’ death.

And from their Romans 5:8

While we were sinners Christ died for us , to sum up that passage ! Go read it word for word let it sink deep in your souls and praise him for his amazing love and mercy for our souls .

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