Unconventional Joy


Paul’s Joy did not come from frolicking in a meadow free from chains. It didn’t come from self satisfaction or his favorite foods. Because he knew the gospel is true.

Paul’s joy came only from Christ.

In this little letter to Philippians, Paul shares three unexpected places where Christ brings us joy.

Christ gives joy in community.

Paul found the church at Philippi, and they supported him financially so he could keep spreading the good news. These were his people and he love them. In fact, he called them my joy. Phil 4:1

This loving family matters because the church at Philippi was mostly Gentiles and there was still a lot of debate about whether these outsiders were all The Way welcome. Paul emphasize the value of every person has a role that we all have a place in the community of the church even in hard times.

Christ gives joy in humility.

Paul’s language in light of his present uncomfortable living conditions forces us to consider the radical idea that joy actually comes not through glory but humility. We can find joy in Christ win like him we close ourselves in humility. (1 peter 5:5)

Christ gives joy and persecution.

Paul was able to find joy while he was persecuted in prison with his eyes fixed on heavenly citizenship. Paul actually exult in his tribulation and rejoice in suffering for the sake of Christ. (Romans 5:3 col 1:24)

So because this is the epistle of joy it’s Full of loving encouragement a massively quotable and happy book but Paul wrote it from prison nothing says joy like prison wait what? Really how did Paul write this Merry letter from behind bars ? are biggest hit is found in the first chapter Philippians 1:21 .

So friends even if hard tryin times , smwhen the storms flooding when we’re caught up in w whirlwind , remember look up to Jesus

And find joy through the rain we can do it ,

If Paul did it , found joy in prison wow im confident we can , remember it’s all a choice to see the good or the bad , to find the joy or wallow in the sorrow .

God bless . SL

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