Apostle Paul

Sometimes I imagine the best complements I’ll never hear will be given at my funeral wouldn’t we all like to be a fly on the wall when are people gather to tell us goodbye?

And asked 20 Paul attended a pre-funeral of sore in his own honor he knew he’d never again see the elders of the Ephesian church when he had worked beside for more than three years first 25, 31 it was a tough goodbye verse 37-38

In this heartsick moment the possible deliver his own eulogy and his final sermon in one passionate farewell address he didn’t sugarcoat he’s leaving or offer his morning friends empty platitudes instead, in true path fashion he went for the spiritual jugular with three on conventional funeral teams.

Trouble awaits.

In the thick of our grief the last thing we would want to see is more pain on the horizon funeral messages tend to focus on the day when our troubles will be no more but Paul new chains and afflictions we’re waiting for him no matter where he went acts 20:24

We don’t have to be able to see around corners to count on future sufferings John 1633 this side of heaven, trouble awaits us all. Yet, Paul was on daunted by the knowledge that trouble was coming. The promises of Christ made every chain feel light as a feather 2 cor 4:17

My life is nothing.

I’ll be honest the reason I would want to attend my own phone role is to hear how important I was to people but Paul flip that idea on its head. Though the end was near, he refused to a valuate himself. Instead he championed the gospel but I consider my life of no value to myself acts 20:24

Paul exchange the universal human obsession with self for an up session with Christ. What would change if we saw our lives there’s nothing and the gospel as absolutely everything? Isn’t this the goal friends? To live for Christ alone and deny our self.

Grace is your inheritance.

After funeral there’s often a wilted be read or an estate to be divided up. But in Heritance Paul offered to Ephesian elders had nothing to do with bank accounts or property lines. And now I commit to you God and to the word of his grace which is able to build you up and to give you an inheritance among all who are sanctified acts 20:32

When mourners are gathered around our graves will God’s grace be the gift we left behind?

When that day comes or if it does before the rapture with my family and friends gather to cry for me I hope they look at my life and hear echoes of Paul’s final sermon of Paul’s heart with thoughts and stories of her life centered around Jesus that was her goal.

She face trouble it was nothing compared to the cause of Christ Grace is her inheritance.

Acts 20:24 is goals to live by , to strive after to merly life for Christ , not ourselves.

I pray for a heart as Paul everyday !

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