I love this imaginary of the tree in Psalm one I want to be that tree strong and rooted in my face bearing fruit but when I read the psalm I can’t help but notice how I fall short.

Let’s be real . .

I don’t always meditate on God’s word day and night I don’t always take delight in it and I have chosen the way of the wicked too many times to count when it comes down to it my behavior and heart more closely resemble that shaft of the tree a flimsy we tossed here and there following my selfish desires loving God’s word one day and discarding it the next.

But isn’t that what scripture does? It not only teaches us how to walk with the Lord but it also highlights are inevitable failure to do so.

psalm one does not merly calls us to the fruitful behavior of avoiding since path and delighting in the Lords law it points to the one who did those things on our behalf.

Jesus did not know sin 2Corinthians 5:21 there was no deceit in him 1 Peter 2:22 he was tempted in every way yet resisted every time Hebrew 4:15

Jesus fully embodied the tree planted beside flowing streams that bear its fruit in season and whose leaf does not weather psalms 1:3

Here’s the best part we don’t have to read Psalms one and feel shame about falling short because of Jesus we can read Psalms one and worship our savior who is death and resurrection represent the grace that allows us to walk with our Lord even when our walks are not perfect even when our paths are cricket and are detours are long that is a part of our journey. As we pursue Christ our roots deepen and strengthen by grace through faith we begin to desire God and his word in a deep real way until one day we look up and notice how our branches by no power of our own are bearing fruit that brings glory to our God and to our Savior.

May we seek to be planted in his righteousness and perfection alone looking to his word and resting in his presence that we might grow in his likeness.

God bless , shantel xo

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