Okay so it’s time to get real with you all for a few minutes .

Have any of you searched and wondered , God what’s my calling , what’s my purpose ? (Me)

So over the past couple years this has been me , yes I’ve been a Christian my whole life before I was born raised in a Christian Home and loving christian environment , never leaving my belief in Jesus ! As I got older the more it became what’s Gods call on my life ? About this time 2 years ago it began , I began to search God fully , seek his word , seek Him , and listened and obeyed .

This is where she Laughs was birthed . And the boom club and all the studies and sharing God and His word became goals . So the more I was like Lord I’m here I’m yours what am I suppost to do where am I suppost to be . And at that time it was a good place of ok in the waiting , was I flusterated yes more times then I can say . then circumstances came and things got little mixed up . But still thought it all Jesus was my hope was me safe place and I knew it would all be okay even when it looked like the works was spinning and I couldn’t stop it .

That’s the Jesus we serve! He never left me

So as thing got in more reality of life and more clearer the more I began back where I was what Lord when Lord where Lord ??? All the same struggles about what was I created to be for the Lord .

So now here I am today , still searching but yet neeeding to be still , drown out the loudness of the world and listen to His quite voice .

And the more I talk with a few of my friends at church and a few friends in a group and friends I’ve know since well Life lol and then sharing their testimony’s and that yes they been their , and some still here with me .

But it all comes down to God has a plan for me yes , In His timing yes , He is preparing me yes , Has he placed me where I’m suppose to be yes for the season .

Learning of him , learning and enjoying my family in our home enjoying the journey not the destination . Thanks Steph

And finding the joy where right where I am in this season not the seasons to come .thanks peb

So I wanna encourage you all if you’ve been here if you was here and found your season never give up let’s keep trusting in God and His timing , Everything he made beautiful in his time ecc 3:11

And let’s learn to be still and listen to his voice not to lose focus of his voice to the worlds voice

And seek His words seek his plan and his seasons for our lives and most importantly enjoy where we are in the now in the journey with Christ and who he places with us along the way .

Sometimes , well most of the time we’re to blind to see where we’re at is the right place the right season God has for us . H O M E

God bless .

Shantel Lazrovich

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