What fuels your soul ?

OK so have you ever wondered why it is the things that were so passionate about for that give us fuel to keep being persistent? Let’s take me for example there’s just something about setting things up to look pretty, things to look at things that make people welcome in my home or make people comfortable wherever I am, with food snacks drinks and all the pretty’s in eyes view.

Sometimes I think why am I drawn in and , why does it give me fuel and give me joy and a happy heart ?

Well , yes it crossed my mind before but honestly never how I recently heard it at Cultivate squad night at my church women’s ministry .

And that feeling finilly had a word , a name that described that passion that feeling ,perfectly.


God gives us all talents , all gifts that’s what makes us unique for his kingdom, to use them to serve others .

If we’re not using them they become blah , we need to excersise them to make them stronger and for Gods glory

After all he Gave them to us right , a sweet Gift , tools for His glory and being honest how I also feel it’s to make us better people ! To change us to cultivate our hearts as we use them and share Kindness by serving others with our gifts

We’re not only helping them but , also ourselves !

Here’s another one,

Have you ever heard a word or a message or just a sentence and boom you felt the call the Holy Spirit pounding at your heart ?!

Well yup , me again that feeling comes when talking or upcoming Women events take place , building friendships ,conversations , anything over coffee and fellowship .

Theirs something that sets my soul on fire , fueles me when I’m low ,

Table leader . Small group leader

Aka Hosting fellowship , gatherings .

When women gather together and learn together , grow along side Women , here their stories here their laughter and see their tears it’s all a learning and growing experience , doing life together through this journey known as life .

Small groups , leading study’s , gatherings even just over morning coffee with a friend its the fellowship its the connecting through community how Jesus intended it to be .

One of my gifts has been a leader , and that sounds well I don’t like to hear or say that

But it’s one I’ve been told over my life ,

And to me That means hosting a group because I m far From knowing everything , or all the answers but through Jesus and His spirit it will flow as needed . I know he gots me .

But it’s the learning and growing experiences through y’all the lovely blessed ladies I’ve met and yet to met .

So in all of the sharing of some of my talents and gifts from God I just want to encourage you ladies if you felt that way for feeling that way or not sure of the call I’m still not sure of my call but just that pounding in your heart that one word of that feeling that sets your soul on fire or you think no I can’t do that that’s not for me but to step out in faith and be fearless and embrace those passions because God put them their for a reason .

he created us all uniquely and that’s from the different gifts and talents he instilled in us when he created us to step out and take the leap !! start serving others with your gifts and your talents all for Gods glory the more we exercise them the stronger it grows , as in our character and that’s another closer step we are in for filling our purpose for Jesus.

God bless

Shantel .

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