Where’s your place ?

Today, my Tip on Motherhood is about picking a place in your home that is yours — a place where you can go and seek a bit of quiet from the rest of the house and spend time with the Lord. Why is having “your place” so important? It will become familiar, and you will long to go there for some time to just be with yourself and the Lord.

My place is a little spot behind our sofa Or in my chair next to my book plant shelf . Over the years, my children have seen me sitting in my chair, or on the floor with no TV on, and they’ve learned not to disturb me during this time. I didn’t mean for my children to catch me in the act, but looking back I’m glad they did, because I was teaching them the importance of carving out time in our busy world for God. They still say shhh be quite mamas reading when they see me in my spots. This brings me joy

Your kids will always remember the importance of spending time with Jesus and live by example from us .

Moms, I’m not sure where you are in your life right now. Perhaps a quiet time seems like an impossible star to reach, or maybe you don’t really have a desire to spend a few moments with God each day. I do challenge you to at least pick your place today. Whether you sit in it today or in a month or even a year from today, at least pick a spot. That is always the first step. The next step is to just start talking to God. Tell him what is going on in your world. Tell him the desires of your heart, your pain, and your joys. Read a verse or two in his Word.

My prayer is that you will learn to love your place, and each day you will be drawn even closer to your Heavenly Father, who loves you dearly and wants a relationship with you, just the way you are.

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