She fears the Lord .

OK so first things first. Have you ever sat and wondered about the proverbs 31 woman and exactly what Is she , and how do you become her.

The virtues of a compatible why are impressive each time I read them I began with a bright eyes and a lively hard to celebrate the virtues of the woman. But by the end of the list I am swamped in my chair, frowned with disappointment over my profound shortcomings in the field of the good wifey.

With my bowed entire head resting on my arm I exhale and laminate that pathetic distance between me and the woman from proverbs 31

Where does all the glorious elaborate goodness come from? I can rise early sometimes, but that combined with the field buying feeding the family speaking words of wisdom giving to the poor never having idle hands and anticipating the need of a husband, it sounds like a marathon of on achievable daily goodness. But the passage into with a key.

A woman who fears the Lord will be praised “

proverbs 31:30

So let’s start there the fear of the Lord, this is the beginning of wisdom and the fruit of that God-fearing will begin to bloom in our lives.

As a younger wife some women from church and friends have taught me a few things about homemaking about enjoying your responsibilities when you’re doing them taking care of our home is one of our privileges in honoring Jesus.

I must admit there are times when panic grips me as I clutch on a new pleaded apron or just sat there and stared at loads of laundry. And then I remember what I was taught from much older and wiser women.

I still have to breathe deeply when I survey the many of my responsibilities but my tiny domestic empire doesn’t depend on mastery of cream Brulé or stain removal, it hinges on the fear of the Lord. Whatever virtual we have will grow naturally out of our dependence on Christ.

Rather than be overwhelmed by extraordinary list we must submit ourselves to Christ and begin faithfully with the small things for indeed as GK Chesterton explains,

“the most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man in an ordinary woman and her ordinary children, every day average obedience in the same direction is the simple thing that changes the world rather than be overwhelmed by extraordinary list we must submit ourselves to Christ and begin faithfully with the small things”.

So ladies wives mamas daughters friends keep the least close it’s such a good list if we begin with the fear of the Lord he will make as brave trustworthy industrious strong and good.

Some women adorn themselves with Gems but the rare woman who adores her self in Christ is the gem.

Walking his way and he will reveal his gorgeous shining goodness in you and upon you and through you.

God bless

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