Spoken words

So this morning kiddos off to school chores done for the most part . just sitting having a little me time doing some reflecting . One time in life or other we’ve all been spoken of by someone else’s opinions. and yes not meaning to we embrace those words that they spoke of us and that’s what we believe. It’s not fun it’s all lies !! let’s stand together and believe and receive and embrace God‘s word upon as what he says we are and believe that and walk it out . and drown out the lies of the enemy spoken over us to bring us down and discouraged. Speak life , let’s choose our words cautiously with Love and not tear down but build up . We’re all human we’re all flesh we all act n speak foolish at times , but the goodness in that is Jesus he restores us he guides us teaches us learns us for the good through the hard times and messy situations When we let him . Beauty for ashes .


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