You’ve got what it takes .

Proverbs 31 is our biblical role model of womanhood.

A woman on a mission. One we can be inspired by. She is a woman who is not confined to one particular role but who demonstrates the capacity to live a life filled with purpose.

You may find it discouraging to compare yourself to a woman with such noble characteristics. Don’t be.

The most important trait of the virtuous woman is her unwavering relationship with God—not her job title, marital status or social klout. Yes, she is called to do amazing things, to be strong and courageous, to be loving and generous, to be confident and full of wisdom, but above all else, she is called to an intimate relationship with Christ.

Now, you’re probably thinking how can we as modern-day women relate to her with our diverse lifestyles. Her characteristics are still very much applicable regardless of which season in life you find yourself.

Some of us are pursuing our passions, building a business, others are starting a family or waiting to hear from God for our next steps.

This virtuous woman represents a woman of power and capacity—a force to be reckoned with. A woman who has dignity, integrity and high moral standards in how she chooses to live her life. Who wouldn’t want to be that woman?

Reflection:Which characteristics can you self-identify with? And how can you be more intentional about carrying them out this week

God bless.

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