Our homes matter

The marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife [the body of Christ] hath made herself ready… -Revelation 19:7-9

Did you know the story of the Bible begins and ends with a marriage? Marriage matters to God.

Our marriages are all about a wedding and an eternal marriage yet to be that will overshadow the most glamorous wedding you’ve ever seen. But there are some similarities of earthly weddings and the heavenly wedding ceremony to come:

• “Will you marry me and spend your life with me?” mirrors Jesus’ offer of eternal life with Him.

• An engagement ring reflects the price Jesus paid for us by His sacrifice on the cross.

• The waiting time between the engagement and the wedding resembles our waiting for Jesus’ promised return.

• A glittering white gown represents the “fine linen, bright and pure,” which will clothe the saints, the bride, on the day Jesus returns.

Our husband-wife relationship continues to show the unseen relationship between God and His Son, Jesus, and also show the relationship of Jesus to His bride, all believers.

• A husband who sacrificially serves his wife shows what our Savior’s love is like.

• A wife who helps her husband demonstrates the work of the Holy Spirit.

• A wife’s willingness to follow her husband’s lead mirrors the sheep Jesus called to follow Him.

• A husband’s desire to understand his wife is like the gentle Spirit of God who is our counselor and friend.

Your home’s stability and health depend on this God-created design working as He intended. Of course, we will make a multitude of mistakes. God doesn’t expect perfection. He has given us His Spirit to guide us, strengthen us, and help us do what we are totally unable to do on our own.

Knowing my marriage is a picture of an eternal one makes how I celebrate my anniversaries very important. Yours too. Because of this eternal love story and God’s relentless pursuit of our hearts, our marriages point to Him and the imminent marriage of the Lamb!

So make celebrating your anniversary an important occasion this year and for a lifetime to come.

Each anniversary is worth the time, energy, and effort to say: our marriage will last as our promises said, “Till death do us part.” Promises kept today point us to His promises that will never change.

This is why the devil comes and sneeks in when he sees a tiny crack in our marriage and makes confusion and wides the crack to a hole and everything is chaos . It’s our choice to let him in and tell him get out!

We all battle it sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t .

Marriage is so holy and important on how it reflects our relationship with Jesus .

That’s why it’s the first place the enemy comes and attacks us .

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