Purpose your present

The next time you look into the mirror and wince at your reflection, remember that God stands beside you, brimming with pride in the beauty and talent He sees in you.

Before time began, He affectionately knew every detail of your being—not to mention every second of even your busiest days.

Today your to-do list is probably more than a few bullet points, it might have more activities than viable hours, and it may feel overwhelming and beyond your actual capacity to handle gracefully.

Yet, for every plan we make, God has a better one—utilizing every talent and making allowances for every weakness. Psalm 139 says we were created intentionally, with purpose, and He has already planned ahead to bring fulfillment of that purpose through our daily lives. Have you checked in with Him about your to-do list?

When we surrender our plans to Him, He takes what He knows about us and creates a purposed approach.

Every day is a gift, and it’s our responsibility to do something with the present moment that will honor God and the talents He’s given us. Not only has He placed in you unique talents, He’s also calling you to develop the ability to recognize them.

Jesus said that His plan for us is “life more abundantly.” The Amplified version calls it life “to the full, till it overflows.”

A woman’s life well-lived, her job well-done, her life of more abundance is one that spills over into the lives that surround her—revealing purpose to her family, colleagues and friends, allowing them to experience the benefits of abundance in their lives as well .

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