Lifestyle of worship

Genuine worship is praising God for who He is and what He has done. God is not just God on Sundays—He is God all the time. Because of this, our worship should permeate everything we do throughout the week. Worship can be in your work, your private time, your family time, or even during a walk in the park. You can worship God through service, in song, and when you share the Gospel. When you do everything for God, worship will be what you do every day, as this post explains.

“Expressions of Praise” Charles Stanley message

Psalm 34:1-3

Glorifying the Lord is not limited to worshipping in church. In fact, praise should permeate the believer’s life.

One obvious way that we praise the Lord is with our voice. We can either speak or sing our worship. The psalmists put adoration into words and set their love to music. True worship also flows from the mouths of believers who are focused upon God’s attributes. They desire to honor Him because of who He is, what He has done, and what He has promised for the future.

Genuine worship allows the Lord to fill our hearts and minds with His presence. But praising the Lord with wrong motives is an empty act. For example, if we’re lifting our hands and singing loud only because doing so feels good, then what we’re after is an emotional high. That kind of selfish “praise” falls short of heaven.

Our God is praised when we serve Him. People are created for the purpose of bringing glory and honor to His name. Therefore, nothing should limit our willingness to work for the King, particularly when we have a chance to share Him with others. Christ is honored when His followers speak boldly about His grace and His work—believers’ testimonies are an amazing form of praise that magnifies God’s name.

Jesus Christ is worth more than any treasure this world offers. Loving Him and understanding what He’s done for you should be all the motivation you need to praise Him with your life. Don’t just sing; serve His kingdom and share the gospel. Help to make God’s throne room ring with worship.

Psalm 29:2

God, please convict me when I am praising You with the wrong motive. I want my worship for You to permeate my whole life as I focus on Your great attributes and love.


Am I letting my worship of God permeate my whole life?

Think about the reasons you worship God, and think about ways you can bring that worship into your everyday life.

Does your worship of God spill out into your everyday life, or are you saving your worship for your time in church?

When you develop a lifestyle of worship, you are more likely to stay focused on the attributes of God instead of the hardships of the world. When we forget to focus on God’s goodness, we get overwhelmed by the burdens of the world and forget about worship. The next post will help you learn how to keep God first to truly worship and adore His name.

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