Living in community

Acts 6:3

Brothers and sisters choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of spirit and wisdom .We will turn this responsibility over to them .

Do you ever find yourself intimated by other women ? Are you embarrassed when other moms show up to a play date with coolers full of healthy snacks and bottles of water when all you brought was a ziplock bag full of cheese crackers and a desperate hope for sanity?

You’re not t only one we all have our strong suites , and snack packing isn’t everyone’s .

We just need friends who see our struggle and pack extra snacks haha. Really extra for our kids those women are a blessing .

In acts 6 the church was growing quickly and some things began to slip through the cracks . Due to a large number of people and a language barrier the Greek speaking Jews were upset that their widows were being neglected .

They wanted the apostles to come in and fix the problem.

The solution the apostles came up with was for the people within that community to ride up and take on that responsibly for themselves

That is the beauty of a community .

The people living with in it know the needs of the people and often how to help

You and I are a community . Some women are comfortable with the concept of community

The knew the signs of a mama who’s on the edge because they’ve been there. They recognize the desperation in her eyes because they’ve seen it in the mirror . Their great at moms night outs and small talk in the halls to school and a church . They sip their coffee and smile as they sit on the bleachers at throw children’s games , yet somehow some women still struggle with living in community .

It should break our hearts that so many women are lonely . How many would like to be a part of a community where ladies were navigating similar circumstances ? It just takes one person to step out of her comfort zone and say you’re not alone ,

Let’s rise up and help our sisters doing life alongside of us.

You didn’t create us to do life alone, Lord . Help me to live in community with love with those around me . In Jesus name amen.

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