How’s your soul

I believe that soul power and confidence come from what you know and what you know about your God.

If you understand God to be a healer, a help, your savior, your deliverer, your banner, your way maker, then there is nothing you won’t believe you can accomplish in Jesus name. However, if you take in the words of the enemy and believe that you’re a defeated foe or that God is against you, ashamed of you, mad at you, then you live defeated.

My belief?

Well for a while, I was under the assumption that God was disappointed in me.

That I was making all of the wrong decisions in life and that he was ashamed of me.

But as I planted myself in His word and combed through the scriptures, I found a long-suffering God who is always on my side.

Not only is He on my side, but scripture says that, ‘Jesus is continually interceding on my behalf’. I’m no longer walking in condemnation or chasing His favor because I am part of the beloved.

So, today’s question is, who’s words will you believe? And who’s words have you given more weight to than God’s.

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