Embrace yourself

insecurity keeps us locked up in doubts, confidence is the key that will unlock the insecurity chains that bind us.

Insecurity says, “I can’t.” Confidence says, “I can because God will show me how!”

True confidence is really “God-confidence.” It’s not so much about believing in ourselves as it is about believing in what God can do through us. It’s changing the message inside our heads from

“I can’t” to “God can!” The Bible confirms this in Jeremiah 17:7: “But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence” (NLT).

Confidence recognizes a divine design. You and I are created to do life in relationship with the God who created us. His grace covers over our imperfections. When we learn to see ourselves through God’s eyes, we can embrace our imperfections and rest in His love and grace.

Confidence also happens when we celebrate who God made us to be, rather than lament who we aren’t.

Insecurity keeps us looking at other women, longing to be who they are: more creative, skinnier, smarter, more patient, a better cook. The list goes on and on.

However, confidence happens when we embrace our strengths and our weaknesses.

We see them as a fingerprint of who we are designed to be. We find contentment in being who we are, not who we aren’t. . . .

If you want to rid yourself of the Perfection Infection, begin to move from insecurity to confidence.

Take your eyes off yourself and put them on God.

He will equip you with whatever you need for the relationships and responsibilities given to you.

Insecurity is bondage to who we’re not. Confidence is freedom in who we are!

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