Hopeful + Grateful

Hello their , yup it’s been a while so as my summer vacation at my grandparents come to an end I sit here and reflect on our week fueled with fun, laughs , tears and more memories to hold tight to .

This week we’ve did some amusement parks , lots of cooking and eating and visiting and we also visited San Francisco and baker beach and of course shopping day out at the nut tree .yummy delish fried bread . My grandmas specialty .

My time here was much needed little escape for the reality’s of life and needed a change a refresh in my soul . As lately through circumstances that pulled me form Reading and studying God’s word as I usually do and miss my mornings with Jesus , I still felt him daily and know he’s calling me for out family time together . As times get tough I know I need to fall into Jesus for peace and joy and everything will fall into place it’s just been a ruff few months but all in all I’m grateful for a Father who’s love is so unexplainable so reckless for me His calling me never stoped and He waits me , I feel it the desire to dive back into His words and count it all worship each second of my day .

I pray for a happy thankful greatful heart each day even as things get throwed my way and try to bring me down . I need to look up and stay Focused .

How do y’all stay in this mode of looking up? And counting it all joy? How do y’all Live a life of worship ? how do you spend time with Jesus ? What does that look like for you ?

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