Guards our feet

He keeps the feet of His godly ones, But the wicked ones are silenced in darkness ; For not by might shall a man prevail. 1 Samuel 2:9 ✨

if we are believers in Christ , the Lord promises to guard our feet, to give direction, counsel and guidance , protection on the path of life ahead of us

Each step everyday day is guarded by His blood His love when we walk with Him , through the storms the battles even through the good times He is their walking along side us , He went before us to pave the way all we need to to is follow Him His ways His words and let Jesus be the king of our heart , not only say he is but walk it out in our daily lives , which yes ain’t always easy and it’s something I’ve been having a hard time with past couple months ,

I’ve woke up and said not anymore Satan!

I am strong I am a child of God I am redeemed I am worthy I am loved

So today I encourage you all as myself as well speak Gods promises over our lives daily and believe what He says not wha others and the world says , and allow God to change us lean into Him and His goodness and His words

And let our souls be awaken to the truth He called us to

Through Him we are strong !

We’re gunna fail But Jesus is their to pick us up to hold us and lead us . Let us all be brave

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