The Lord will provide


Do you know one of God’s name is

Yahweh-jireh ? It means The LORD Will Provide ” how awesome that’s such a powerful promise and one you can count on Everyday and all the time .

When we feel overwhelmed by something you’ve been asked to do or something is taking place in our lives and we just can’t see how to handle it , we need to

Remember and believe “the-LORD-Will-Provide”

We might have to replace our common sense of reason with faith in Him , but stick wit the Lords promise .

Faith will bloom . The “seen” is replaced with the “unseen”

Name your greatest challenge and then talk a step of obedience and faith to see the gracious blessings of God .

The -LORD-Will-Provide !

Praying for us all ,

Lord Jesus , I need you to provide for me in so many ways thank you in advance for always watching over me and my loved ones and for the meeting in all our needs. In Jesus name amen

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