Living sacrifice

“Living Sacrifice”

We hear of so many heroes of the faith who lay down their lives for the Lord becoming martyrs. What they do is a true sacrifice for the Lord. Thinking about these heroes we have to ask ourselves the question: If we faced a situation to proclaim Jesus Christ and die or deny Him and live, what would we choose?

The reality is we are faced with a similar question every day whether we realize it or not. Are we going to proclaim Jesus Christ with our life and die to ourselves or are we going to deny Him and live for ourselves? Offering our bodies as a living sacrifice means we do not live for our desires, our plans, our dreams, or ourselves. All of that is surrendered to Jesus and we live for Him. We live out the prayer “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done…” The difficulty we face is that this is an everyday decision. Author Harold Sala said, “The problem with living sacrifices is that they keep trying to crawl off the altar.” Though we have made a decision to follow Christ and worship Him, each day we have to make the decision to live it out. That’s what it means to be a living sacrifice or to have a lifestyle of worship. Everywhere we go and in everything we do, we are a living sacrifice, we are a worshipper of Jesus Christ. It’s not something that can be separated from our home life, work life, or social life. It becomes our identity. You are a worshipper! You are a living sacrifice!

Think about it:

What can you do to help yourself live out the decision you made to be a worshipper?

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