Meet me again

So today I’ve been setting is psalms and listening to here again by elevation worship and wow this is been my hearts cry my hearts prayer the past few months and I just realized it through this song so I wanted to share with you today this journaling passage psalms 37:4

Psalms 37:7

I’m in a season where these dry bones need awaken I need to be still and I’m not enough without God

I need Him to meet me here again

Not to the place I was where Ive been trying to get back to couple years back but meet me here where I am to move forward where he wants to take me .

Lastnight I attended a women’s conference at my church Sandals and lysa terkurest was speaking and if felt like she was speaking to me about circumstances in this season and we all need to remember Jesus! Our hope the hope we have in him

The pain is for a purpose he’s walking with us through it , he cares he don’t want to se eus his kids suffer but it’s all for His glory if we Wouldn’t be broken or in pain would we need him?

So this song it’s like my whole body jumping inside and comming alive as I sing it as I listen to these words I find the strength to hope and believe and move past trying to get back to the past where I once was , now looking forward where God will bring me as he meets me here AGAIN.

Anyone facing seasons of circumstance n hopeless ?

I hope this sheads some light and gives encouragement to you all


Look up

Be still

Trust and wait ❤️

Jesus is coming to meet us again song mentioned above

God bless .

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