Jars of oil

Okay so as I sat in his light this morning this awakened my spirit, at times the littlest things were asking for are right in front of us already provided by God , we’re just so focused on the issue the problem the circumstance that we don’t see clear what’s right in front of us

2kings 4:2

Elisha asked her, what can I do for you? Tell me ,what do you have in the house ?

A common link merely always exists in our needs and Gods answers . A thread woven into the fabric of our relationship with the father that, if overlooked , can cost us the most intimate and majestic experience with Him possible on this side of enternity

The passage about 2 kings 4 is a critical Strand clearly marked for all of us to see

The men of God listened to her request and how can he assist her but in the waiting of her response he asked,

What do you have ? In you house ? What resources do you already have available to you ?

How easy we point out our lacking and not looking at our resources He already provided .

But Elisha refocusing the widows attention on the meger pot of oil sitting in her home amid her difficulty and hardship forever changed the way she would look at her most heart -wrenching need .

It can change the way we look at ours too . Like a glint if sunshine passing through the ominous clouds on a dreary day ,

Hope pierced through the darkness in her home .

The foundation for a Miracle was right under her noise . Ours too.

Sometimes we wait impatiently on God when He is patiently waiting on us , waiting on us to recognize what He’s already given as part of the answer to our problem.

What little hints of blessings have we overlooked , complained about ? That we shoved to the back shelf not considering them worthy from God to help us being the foundation to our answer our miracle from God .

What if our answer we been praying for is already here – plain as day response from God immediately ready to be applied to our situation. That little jar of oil may be well the beginnings of the most specular move of God we’ve seen .

Make a list and keep it to reference back to keep a heart of gratitude what’ our oil jars were over looking that God has provided for us ?

God bless friends .

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