Smile your on camera

OK so I have a little something I want to share I’ve been doing this devotional embraced and today’s was really good and something we all need to think about. OK so what if someone followed us around with the video camera all day recording our every move is catching our words catching our facial expressions actions and reactions all on camera throughout the day and what if someone took that footage and played it for everyone to see like A reality show for all to see featuring us

Kinda a scarry thought right ?! Well if our family or friends would ask us what’s your story what are you all about? Of course we would have nice sweet answers . But the truth is throughout the day we betray our best intentions . I want to be a loving mom, wife , friend , sister , daughter and yet our family sure knows the right buttons to push even people we don’t know and we spiral into a tailspin of emotional and anger .

I want to be a strong Christian witness for Christ. So why is we find we read in the morning and yet we find ourselfs honking at the Person who cuts us off , drives too slow all just minutes or hours after spending time with God ?!

Thank Jesus for His tender mercies and grace each minute of the day! But also their are nothing following us around filming us for the world to see .

Our lives are speaking a message about what we really believe! Woe , slayed,

I’ve heard this before great sermons are not preached but are lived. I long to love a life that speaks the message of Jesus on my daily life when no one is Around

That’s why it’s essential we view our time with God each morning as a preparation and a invitation from Jesus .

2 Timothy 3:16-17 preparation

Every verse we read is part of God’s preparation for us for that day . We must allow His teachings to step into our hearts and mind . We can prayfully ask God to interrupt our natural flesh response and remind us throughout the day of the truth He taught us that morning .

His invitation we must recognize we asked Jesus to do life with us , we need to look for His activy throughout the day .

Minute by mintue our theme needs to be Not my will GOD , but yours be done .

When we come across those heart defining moments, Overwhelming moments , our moments we make that same mistake Gods will be done not ours , He replaces our frustration with His grace .

Making this connection with God daily is how we encounter Him and make that connection with Him and experience Him.

Jesus’ invitation to sit with us is a gift He loves us ,He longs to prepare us for everything He sees Comming our way.

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