Meet the women caught in the act

John 8:2-11

we see a gracious loving compassionate Jesus , as Jesus was teaching the scribes and the Pharisees brought a women to Jesus a women who was im sure embarrassed, ashamed , unworthy , the women caught in adultery.

They brang her to Jesus to try to trap Him , to try to get Him in trouble as well , they said the law of Moses tells us to stone such a women,

Wait for it here is what they said to Jesus , So what do you say? Trying to trap Him to have evidence against Him as well but the best part Jesus so merciful so graceful so compassionate He stoops down and begins to write in the dirt, as we all know it’s never revealed what He wrote , but he began to write everyone’s eyes was on Him , moves away from the women in front of Him , probably naked or only a sheet to cover her , so they keep asking him being persistent .

So stood up again and said The first one without sin be the first to cast a stone to her , and stooped down again continued writing in the dirt , as they all started to clear out she asked the women are they still here ? Where are they ? Has no one

Condemned you ? She said no , on one my Lord and Jesus says neither do I . Go sin no more .

Wow can we just sit in this for a moment can you imagine being that women naked fearful ashamed most likely thinking she’s gone to die , and notice she was the only one caught and drugged out , well the man in the act as well cuz it takes two to tango ,

He got to hide in private in his shame he’s nakeness , his sin remained silent unseen , and yet she was their and our Jesus our king of the world our holy God He stooped down to her , I believe when it says he stooped to her he was embracing her shame with her,

He met her in that moment .

He could have easily said stand up , get up look at me , but He chose love, truth and grace and was in that moment with her !

Wow can I just rest in this , wow our God meets us in our shameful moments , our sinful moments he sees all knows all we can’t hide them form Jesus ! But we can embrace His goodness His promises , mercy , His grace and know He’s right here with us Not passing judgment not condemning us but loving us forgiving us and washing us clean redeeming us everytime.

So whatever is your caught moment , your hidden moments to the people around you remember God sees all Jesus knows and He’s their in that moment not to condemn but to redeem!

Sit in His goodness , embrace His truth , His grace upon grace and be redeemed and changed through Jesus and as Jesus’ words

Neither do I ,Go and sin no more .

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