Today as I did devotions with lysa here on first 5 , I learn something I’ve never knew before hyssop. 
Yup I’ve read it many times seen the word but never knew what it was . Was I read psalms 51 and listened to David’s cry in this chapter his beautiful prayer he prayed for repentance and to have a clean heart . 
As I did here in this word in Gods goodness I’m , well actually I’m blew away how this plant was use multi-able times through scripture as purification tool ,from Exdous to John where the last thing Jesus was in contact with was hyssop as hanging on the cross he thirst and was given sour wine on a hyssop branch and said it is finished .
Jesus was the last sacrifice and hyssop was present as in Old Testament hyssop was present in sacrifices I’ll share the devotion below . For more details and scripture 
Here is psalms 51
David cry’s our prurge me with hyssop and I will be clean .
I’m very intrigued for as many time as we open our bibles , me as many of times have I , their soemthing new everytime , to learn to study a fresh drink for Jesus the loving water . 
And to see this purple plant a stran woven through scripture a sign of God’s goodness His promise to forgive us , wash us clean purge us from iniquity and our sins is just leaving me in a awe moment . And I’m very grateful for the freedom to learn and spend time with Jesus

@First5App @Proverbs31org Has sin ever done so much damage in your life that you felt sure you were beyond all hope?http://www.first5.org/plans/When%20Words%20Fail/ff_wwf_46

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