God is here , invite Him in

Hey their friends , as I sit in today’s devotions and thinking I need coffee now lol

I’m reminded of similar times in my like feeling Betrayed, hurt and just plain made a fool of as David did in psalms 55.

He was hurt , angry and felt alone due to his friend turning on him.

I’m sure we all can relate to this and yup, it’s a lot harder when it’s our friends and not a stranger .

What sticks out to me is have he went to God with this issue David didn’t try to handle it himself , he knew his source it was God. We always do the opposite and run to others and gossip , not the right thing but hey we’re not perfect right?

We need to sit in His word His teaching His truth and remember Gods here with us He knows our thoughts and feelings ,

He is our friend and will never condemn us , turn on us or forsake us .

He will provide and handle the situation if we come to Him with it and invite Him in the matter

cry out to Jesus tell Him our Hurts, sadness , anger and will find rest in Him , safety in His goodness and have peace inside wit the friend that turned on us .

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