Glimpse of joy

Sometimes the simple things in life I take for granted , like cooking for my kiddos or even small breakfast dates with hubby in our home at our table we gather and memories are made and suddenly the ulgy mess inside the weight ulgy was I care around seems to vanish and I find myself standing with a full Grateful ❤️ even in the seasons of the mornings where I feel dry , n numb these r the Jesus less mornings not knowing what to read or study so you just don’t well I’m thankful for the spirit of God Alive in me tugging me refreshing me to the light as worship music playing to break this dryness this numb feeling not sure why , T H E N Jesus and all Is seen through different eyes fresh eyes and a thankful heart and suddenly a gloom of joy returns . #jesuscalling #jesusblogger #motherhoodunplugged #nikonphotography #littlemoments #sheslaughing #thankfulheart #joy#renewed#truth#christianblogger#motherlymoments#awaken#jesus#thenjesusmoment#farmliving#raedunn#coffee#eggsfresh#farmermarkt

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