The dryed up women vs the well watered women

hello their okay so which Season , which women can you relate to in this moment in your current season of life ?

Here goes …

dry= bare lacking adornment .the opposite of a well watered women mistakenly searching for satisfaction from the world around rather than the creator within her .

They dried up woman has mistaken her identity for her accomplishments, her followers, her looks , and her bank account she strives to be like others instead of embracing who God made her to be.

The dried up woman trust in her worldly riches and looks to what she owns as her security.

She always wants and is never satisfied with what she has been given.

She looks at the mirror with the distain instead of in awe of God’s creation.

The dried up woman majors in time wasting, lacks boundaries, and has little direction in her life.

The dried up woman spends her time doing things that drain her of joy and purpose.

She is afraid to follow Jesus to the ends of the earth and chooses is comfort over obedience.

The dried up women fills up on temporary things of this world, but never drinks from the “living water” that satisfies.

She ignores her need for rest and time alone with the Lord and chooses to push through and move forward using her own strength.

The well watered woman seeks to be fed and watered by what last forever the word of God.

The well water woman overflows with life and truth and gives to others in need of a drink.

Oh well watered woman knows who she is, while she is here, and what she has called to do.

The well watered woman lives fruitful days that produce ripple effects reaching into eternity.

The well water woman makes the best use of the time that she has been given.

The well watered woman Service willingly, gives abundantly, and lives sacrificially for the kingdom of God.

The well watered woman is a grace speaker. She fears the Lord and she seeks after wisdom from the word.

The well watered woman does not trust in the riches of this world as her security. She trust in God alone and leaves for the eternal kingdom to come.

The well watered woman builds up other women in the Lord. She embraces discipleship night as a to do but as a way of life.

But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. John 4:14

Okay so anyone else feeling a bit heavy , a bit guilty? Yup over here to I feels are flowing the heart is heavy and the holding back the tears right here with y’all.

As I sat down this morning and I haven’t in a while sadly I confess it’s been a hot messy couple weeks but as I sat with Jesus this morning being obedient not actually haveing a huge desire as I usally do but I did and this is what I’ve opened , gulp!

I’ve had this journal for months and months (well watered women journal ) and haven’t used it before or really opened it and read the inside well today I did and it was the right timing forsure !

I love how God does that , always perfect timing when we need it .

So Lately I pulling toward a dry women with a few watered spots , I confess with guilt . We’ve al been here yep more times than others BUT what counts is we never stay long , when we ware out welcome out we feel the tug the Holy Spirit leading us to have a drink from Jesus and His truth and once agin were whole were forgiven were filled with the only living water we will ever need to be satisfied.

And little by little we start to feel lighter heaviness lifted a change in our spirit refreshed and warm over loving feeling of Jesus that words can’t even describe .

(But I’m trying my best lol to explain .)

Lets embrace Jesus His goodness His living water and drink from Him and strive to be and continue to be a well watered women daily .

we have been created by God to be a well watered woman drinking deeply from the gospel of grace and being transformed into his image through abiding in Christ in every day Mundane.

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