2019 + words for change

Hey Friends first of all happy new year as were here in 2019!!

OK so I just want to touch on a few things have you ever felt just kind of stuck and blah due to circumstances words that are not from Jesus people hurtful situations and handling them not to Jesus way? I find myself in a season for the last couple months of out of my routine with spending time with Jesus still having the desire to but rolling with it and not getting back ground it in in routine in my devotions so I find myself in a season unsettling not peaceful because the relationship I have with Jesus is been at a halt but it’s my choice everything is a choice so I’m just trying to find how do I get back in my routine where do I start what do I start to study what do I startTo read I feel the stirring in my spirit but my flesh is just not letting me open up my Bible or open up a book and read it and get back in there due to words negative words spoken at me that’s not true that’s not what Jesus says circumstances and actions from people and I thought the wrong way to fight with you this is true the flash took over the other night me and my husband was talking and he said something that hit home yet it did and then you know as I think of it the more real it comes food for thoughtHe said do we or do we not strive to be like Jesus every day? Isn’t that our goal are we supposed to be like Jesus? And when circumstances arose in peoples actions in peoples words Being her her not wanting to see them or have doings with them that’s not striving to be like Jesus as my husband said. Jesus was the most persecuted man in the world and yet he never had a bad word about Action anything bad against people who harmed him. And if I can just grasp that if we all can and think about that and really meditate on it and sink it in and live by that before we react to every word every circumstance every action every person that would truly be living and striving to be like Jesus. We all have these moments but the true teaching from them is Jesus , leaning into him falling right onto his words and let them change us our hearts out thinking our feelings .

The more we spend with him the more like him shows though us . It’s not about dumb or a doormat persay , but showing love and being the salt the light for Jesus . More of Jesus in us theses things effect us the wrong way and we find ourselves battling the right way the LOVING way . Lets get up wipe off the dust and continue our journey with Jesus through life , in the daily IRL in real life . Let go and let God

Be you the YOU he created for his glory and not for the worlds .

Happy 2019 goals .

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