Heart bursting joy.

Ask and you will receive and your joy will be complete. – John 16:24

Okay friends as I sit here pondering this question, heart bursting joy , and what does that look like for myself , what would it take to bring back that type of child felt joy ? Extravagant joy what does that look like for you as well?

Somewhere between three and 30 something we lost our joy. And now we’re all trying to find it again.

Our grown-up circumstances ,mortgages taxes ,jobs and social media comparison have sucked around right out of our sails. And here we are convinced Thats getting down to our college wait or teenage weight figure and maintaining a spotless home sounds like a pretty good way to be insatiably happy again?

The truth is if we take care of ourselves the same way were nurturing everyone else will find all sorts of joy and be better for everyone we love. Self care

Here’s the thing about doing it all: even if you can do it al , no one can do it well .

Without Jesus sourcing our joy , is doing it all will no produce joy but unsettling burned out feelings and empty still searching for that heart bursting joy we all desire .

So I ask y’all , what’s that place for you , what does find this extravagant joy look like for you sit ask God to show you , refresh you , and let Him be the source to power your heart bursting joy .

Stay blessed .

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