Get creative , enjoy bible time

Good morning friends ,

So as y’all know I’m a hugh stationary geek ! And proud of it haha.

I guess it’s the #4 in me .give me supplies + coffee = happy heart

So , what are some of the things that get you fired up , joyful, excited to dive into your bible ? Do you like to be creative with it ? What’s your favorite tools?

Well some people don’t like the idea of writing in their bibles , well that’s not me I love and when I say love I mean loveeee writing in my bibles journaling , covering all pages with notes , prayers scriptures all hand written , theirs something special about it , and to look back years later and see how God worked it all out it amazing and brings forth gratitude. Seriously if someone found my bible , my old skool bible from years back they would totally k know everything about me , even my new bible loves same,

I encourage y’all give it a try journal , right in your bible , get some new pens , wash Tape, markets , bible tabs it’s endless so much to have fun with , bible stickers

Michaels has tons and you can use the coupon too!

Hey any little savings help . And of course amazon too .

Have fun with Jesus let go , embrace it , if you feel led to do so dive in and if it’s not for you that’s okay too , as long as we’re in Gods word that’s the main point .

bible shown the

Csb incourage women’s bible , it’s sooo beautiful

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