Time to make a change in our environment

our biggest potential enemy in life beside your own wrong thinking and the devil himself

is the environment in which we live.

For instants, if you constantly live in an atmosphere of doubt and unbelief it’s just the fact that you’ll have much more difficult time maintaining a walk of strong faith.

That doubt filled environment will try to rub off on you.

Our environment tends to affect the way we think for example if you used to smoke or have a drinking problem it’s obviously not a smart idea for you to hang around smokers are drinkers right, unless that is what you want to be influenced to return to your old habits.

Even unhealthy words , overeating .. etc

Hanging around people who still do these things my Lure us back to pick them up a cigarette , smoke or lie to yourself a small drink.

Bad influence currpts good character. The less we are in Gods word the more we live in an unhealthy environment , our flesh self will lure us , not always others but us!

Even things we watch , listen to can effect a healthy environment.

However those little allowances may possibly be the very hook that the devil uses to drag us back into bondage from which Jesus Christ already delivered us

that’s why it is so vital for us to understand that the environment surrounding surrounding as is very important.

We might think oh we can handle it , and we just might for while but the more we’re around certain people , well the more it becomes easier to join them then we’ll we’ve found ourself in old habits , bondage again from what Jesus delivered us from at the cross .

And a space harder to overcome once again it becomes life . And deep down we know it’s not right but we begin to believe the lies of the enemy and start to justify our wrongs .

Our Christian life is serious business don’t let your environment feel you with doubt and knock you out of your spiritual race if you can’t handle your environment victoriously initiate a plan of action to change it today!

What are some ways we can be Alert , start change while still being kind to others and ourselves in the process?

Be encouraged in Gods truth , His word

Surround ourselves with Godly influences, turn on the worship music and jam it out , lets not be to hard on us , but thankful that the Holy Spirit leads us back to Jesus and Jesus is always waiting for us forgiving us loving us back in His embrace . Take a step back look at life choices and the people we choose to roll with , are they creating healthy habits or trying to creat unhealthy ?

Community is so important , we’re built for it , get involved find a crew to help lift you up encourage you along the way .

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