Inner beauty

Inner beauty • what quality’s are we cultivating on the inside ? Proverbs 31:30 says charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting , but a women who fears the Lord will be praised. •••• what it al about , as it’s nice and feels good to take care of our outer looks , hair, skin, nails, toes what about our inner beauty? Is our hearts set apart in devotion to Jesus ? Are we watering our love our kindness our forgiveness our joy , our being selfless to serve others? Well it’s not always that case due to the enemy using people things and well life to weed our inner self • let’s work on our inner beauty where it counts most spending time in the word changes us strengthens our character build us up encourages us to be more Who God created us to be . So when we fall short it’s okay , as long as we don’t stay down and wallow in that place , let’s get up shake it off and get back on our journey God set before us.

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