The in between

I have to admits a wife, a stay at home mom , much of my Life has felt like I’ve lived in the between . I find my self saying just wait . Wait till the kids are grown , then I can have my own life career maybe , and a life . At times in the messy overwhelming moments os the day I find myself becoming resentful being is this place as the enemy feeds me lies , my personal wilderness . I let myself become dry and partched. In my resentment , I go through the motions of living but forget to actually live, to live right there in that moment.

I forget to stop and find the beauty around me in the everyday . I stop seeking water , i thirst , the Living water that always quenches . How often have we had our moms, aunts mentors say to us Enjoy these times they go by too fast , you’ll wake up one day and wonder where the time went ? And we say I know but, inside saying oh hurry up and thinking they must have forgotten how hard this season is and what it’s like to feel stuck ,tired , just so stagnet . Yet we know they are right . The saying the days are long but the years are short is so true. Even in their sinfulness and disobedience, even when they were wandering in the wilderness , God did not abandon the Israelites . He provided for their needs. And it’s the same for me and you . Take time to drink from the refreshing Living waters that are provided to us daily . Get into the manna of His word ! God is with you and cares about each moment of your life . Even the ones paying bills , spent doing laundry , wiping bottoms and noses . Embrace this the In-between season . Take hold of His promise to see you through every season of your life . The desert seasons of life will come and go , but the moments found in them and created in them will be your legacy …. Your promised land!.

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