Who are you? I am

Hello their ,

Okay so we all have many roles we take on 

We’re daughters , we’re moms , we’re wife’s , we’re sisters  , aunts ,cousins , friends you get the picture right?, we’ll all theee roles are very important but sometimes can get us overwhelmed even underwhelmed at times

Wanting and wishing for better or what if , why not 

And yet through all this we’re missing who we are!

Our lives feel unfulfilled  where is the joy ?

And yes it’s easy to get caught up in life even the things in life and some how we let it define us

Tell us who we are who we need to be how to look how to dress even who to hang with 

But my dear friends the world does not define us tell us who we are , you know who does ? 

Jesus Christ! He’s the king of the world the creater of earth and us he knows who we are and what will become not the world !

It’s our choice to follow the truth or the lies of the world

We find out who we are only through Jesus Christ our creater he knows it all

We need to drown out the noise of the world and listen to the voice of God he defines us !

We all have those moments on social media usernames choose a name who you are who you want to be but n all reality do we even know? That’s where the world comes in and try’s to tell us to define us 

But if we’re in Christ seeking him , listing to him getting to know him our king Jesus Christ thats where our identity lies it’s in him only than can we embrace who we are who he made us to be and become the person God wants us to be our true selfs not the trying to be , wanting to be or The Who

But be the one the unique human he created you to be and that’s were the fuilment comes the joy the call and purpose for your life and the strength to walk it out and say Lord here I am I’m yours 

I know my worth my identity I know I’m loved and I know who I am because of you what you tell me in your word .

So many of us struggle with this and we can’t fully live for the Lord and our calling till we know our identity in Christ! To be ourself embrace ourselfs  you the beautiful unique person he called you to be

I pray this went out as the Lord gave it to me to share and helps direct to Jesus and digging in to find yourself who God called you to be

Scripture reference to who you are in Christ 

Eph1:4 eph1:5 1john3:1 1john1:9 rom5:10 col1:21-22 eph1:13 romans8:28-30 eph2:19 romans5:1 1cor6:11 eph1:7 1john1:7 romans8:16-17 col2:10 2cor5:20 romans8:29

Thank you Lord for opening our eyes to see you’ve given us worth and showing us our purposes

Jesus name amen. 

Stay blessed Live Loved 

Xoxo shantel 

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