Mustard seed

Something so small as a mustard seed • I’d mark Jesus talked about the parable of the mustard seed , how yet so small when planted but when it’s sown it grows greater then all herbs and shoots out larvae branches . Well imagine if we could grasp this embrace this live by this Jesus is talking about Faith here , if we believe and apply because faith without action is dead we have the power to move mountains . I wonder what stops us from completely applying this truly believing this ? This is where the cares of the world come and try to weed and uproot what we sown in Faith . Well stand up fight the right way with Jesus believe speak it speak His truth aloud proclaim it talk back what the devil stole for us . he is already defeated Jesus won let’s walk in victory proclaim it embrace it and if we fall Jesus is their to catch us and lead us back to the path He set us on . Remember it all starts with Faith as small as a mustard seed , great things produce from the smallest seeds planted in Faith •

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