The little things

today’s moments led me to focus on Gods creation . My daughter Bailee and I on our way home from school was driving a long not far from our house and we seen this beautiful colorful field off the road and we pulled over and took in the moment and enjoyed the beauty before our eyes.

So it got me thinking , life can be so loud , so noisy that we forget to stop enjoy Gods creation , and our life also

We get so busy so caught up in our routines we forget to stop and enjoy the beautiful moments God gives us everyday .

We may be a disaster , a beautiful mess but to Jesus we’re His beautiful creation

He loves us , He chooses us , He enjoys watching us enjoy Him .

Let’s remember Jesus in our daily lives drown out the noise with worship and thankful hearts ,and enjoy His blessings she gives us so freely and with so much love

Jesus loves our beautiful messes .

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