What is boldness ?

Being bold, what does that mean? How does that look? How do we choose it and live it ? How does boldness and bragging not get mixed up ?

First of all our boldness comes from the Lord. We find it in Jesus alone, in Christ we find our boldness .

Knowing who we are in Christ , we find boldness , and braveness .

How do we know who we are in Jesus ?

Reading His word following Christ leaning into Jesus and not others .

It is hard every day yes , I’ll be honest theirs so much inside me , ideas passions wants for Jesus and yet I find myself not knowing where to begin .

But it’s simply His word and Jesus guides the steps , we need to stop trying to lead and let God .

Every good thing isn’t a God thing , maybe not the right timming or maybe God has something better for us than we have ourselves .

Being bold for Jesus , staying true to His word , staying true to who you are in Jesus .

Be kind, show love and be brave to others , most think being kind is a weakness ,

And yup I did think this for so many years it’s just lately just I’m learning being kind doesn’t make us weak doesn’t make us a doormat ,

But makes us christ like and therefore makes us bold , it builds our character it’s shows Jesus it others .

We need to cultivate our lives , weed out the bad and plant the seeds of goodness and that comes from Jesus’ word. This isnt always easy with our flesh but the more we feed our spirit man our flesh dies a bit more and visa versa.

This weeek ive listened to cultivate podcast and the message how to be bold without being a b….!

Haha great topic ,but so true and meaningful

Theirs ways to be bold in truth and loving and not being a b, its our hearts that over flows with words and the more we feel ourselves with jesus the more the b…. Part of us dies to the truth and love of christ.

Stay blessed , Jesus loves you .

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